About me

My name is Phil Jones. I’m a dad, a rabid football (soccer) fan and I speak three languages. I cook to unwind, I play music, and I recently dropped out of a master program in Social Work to wade back into the IT world.

I used to live in South Africa, but now I don’t. Now I live in Delaware. It’s an adjustment.

I have two other blogs: one for my football obsession, and the other my first blog that covered the fallout of my first wife’s death. Click below if interested:



4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Phil, I just love the way you write, the truth is so pure and the way you express yourself has a wonderful unique sound. I can hear the music, and I can’t wait to see your book published!!!

  2. Hi Phil, last night at grief share you really inspired me to grow more. To want more. To see BS for what it is and to learn when its ok to walk away.

  3. Hi phil.

    You have such an amazing way of putting exactly how I feel into words. Your strength and love for Jesus is inspiring. Your babies are beautiful and r blessed to have u as their daddy*

    From steph (grief share)

  4. Hey Phil – Lisa and I will be in NYC in the next few weeks. Any recommendation on great places to eat? How far are you from NYC. If a manageable distance, maybe we coud catch up.


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