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'No Images' is a group show and final presentation of The Constant Now's coaching program POC POC that links young artists of color with art professionals. The expo is based on a poem by William Waring Cuney (1924) that celebrates black beauty and describes how ethnicity and race impact human life.

The show features works by:
Sadrie Alves,
Gladys Bukolo,
Maria E André,
Subin Son,
Lou Cocody-Valentino,
Rose-Myrtha Vercammen
and Noam Youngrak Son. 

Curator: Magali Elali

Coaches: Sofia Dati, Marie Gomis-Tresize, Helena Kritis,
and Karen Van Godtsenhoven


Nov 17 - Dec 11 at fuggerstraat26, Antwerp


Thurs, Nov 17: 6-9pm  

Introduction by Sadrie Alves,

performance by Rose-Myrtha Vercammen at 7pm



Thurs-Sun: 2-6pm 

The group show THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT tackles the stereotypes of today's youth. By focusing on heritage, sexuality, self-empowerment, and childhood memories, five young artists shed light on this complicated yet universal matter. The expo is a collaboration between THE CONSTANT NOW, and Please Add Color.

Curators: Kevin Kotahunyi and Magali Elali.


THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT - PT2 takes place in November 2021.

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