a multidisciplinary group show that balances between reality and imagination

25 May - 11 Jun 

Fuggerstraat 26  | Antwerp 


Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust (°1994, Chambéry, France) is an artist, performer and designer with French, Iranian, Polish and German roots. He has developed a visual and conceptual language throughout various studies and built research on the body in movement. To put on his costumes and artwork is to dialogue with heritage and history, big or small; it is to dance in the past. In his performances, costumes dissolve, change and modify the dancer's body. And while a new reality exists, a fictional body emerges. He creates to speak of rituals of life and death and to re-understand borders: his identity, his territory. 


Pris Roos (°1984, Rhenen, The Netherlands) is an artist, curator, researcher and storyteller. As a child, she grew up in the toko of her family who emigrated from Indonesia. The toko (Indonesian for shop) symbolises a space of togetherness, colours, smells, food, stories, and a mixture of people from different backgrounds. It inspires her art, from painting, spoken word, video, and performance to installation. By focusing on observation and carefully listening to the people she meets, she reflects on identity, migration, and memory.

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT is a two-part group show that tackles the stereotypes of today’s youth. By focusing on heritage, representation, sexuality, and childhood memories, young artists shed light on these complex matters, which are both personal and universal. The project is a collaboration with Please Add Color. PT I took place in May 2021.

Today’s society is colorful and diverse, and THE CONSTANT NOW’s goal is to reflect exactly that while celebrating local artists and organisations. The non-profit art space in Antwerp curated by Magali Elali offers a varied programme of exhibitions, projects and events.


With themes such as identity, queerness, fantasy and vulnerability, REAL/UNREAL is a multidisciplinary group show that balances between reality and imagination. What happens when the viewer's perspective gets challenged by a new narrative? One that deviates from the norm and raises more questions than answers? The exhibition takes you on a trip through video, photography, performance, sculpture, and painting while playing with materials, ideas, and subjects that are often overlooked, unspoken, or hidden.

Works by Ndayé Kouagou, Ugo Woatzi, Anthony Ngoya and Gilles Mayk Navangi, curated by Magali Elali.

Opening on Wednesday, 25 May with live performance by Ndayé Kouagou at 20:00.

'I'll only swallow my own fluid' is an interactive performance in which the artist discusses our contemporary connection with the world and people around us. 


Open during Antwerp Art Weekend 

Thu 26.05 | 12:00 - 21:00

Fri-Sun  27.05 - 29.05 | 12:00 - 18:00


Open in June

Thu-Sat 02.06 - 04.06 | 14:00 - 18:00

Thu-Sat 09.06 - 11.06 | 14:00 - 18:00

On 11 June, we close the show with a live talk by Ugo Woatzi at 17:00. He'll discuss his awarded 'Chameleon' series. The artist talk is free and followed by drinks. 

Ugo Woatzi's (°1991) photographs reference spaces both real and imagined, caught between worlds of freedom and restriction. He reveals and yet conceals, like a chameleon hiding, blending and adapting – as a means of survival and preservation. Ugo invites us to consider and celebrate a range of masculinities, performative bodies, psyches, and experiences while exploring the idea of 'visibility'. His concealment of faces and identities evokes the sense of fear, censorship and stifling experienced by queer communities across the globe.

Anthony Ngoya (°1995) aims at revealing emotion and beauty, often forgotten or ignored under coarse and rough surfaces. It is the sublimation of fragments of memories that are forgotten and foggy, oscillating between real and unreal. In his practice, this translates into using everyday objects often thrown out as waste or rubbish, used fabrics, and industrial materials that he repurposes from their original functions. Ngoya transforms these diverse objects into paintings and installations of ambiguous compositions. 

Ndayé Kouagou (°1992) is an artist and performer based in Paris; his practice always starts from texts of which he is the author. Voluntarily or involuntarily confused, he tries as best as he can to bring a reflection on these three topics; unease, power and vulnerability. The result is... what it is. He describes his work as "quite interesting, but not that interesting or maybe not interesting at all"

Gilles Mayk Navangi (°1990) is a French painter, illustrator and sculptor. His work presents a dreamlike universe composed of graphic patterns and symbols, stylized vegetation and human silhouettes. By reinterpreting and appropriating moments of the history of African civilizations and traditions, which go from Ancient Egypt to Afrofuturism, Navangi questions stereotypes and the representation of Blacks today.