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Art. Community. Diversity.

  • The second instalment of Freetown. The moving Art Village will move to festival 'We Can Dance' at Zeebrugge in August.

  • POC POC offers ten works sessions throughout the day (from January 2023 - June 2024), which include workshops, artists lectures, location visits, private talks, and one public presentation.

  • 'No Images' is a group show and final presentation of The Constant Now's coaching program POC POC that links young artists of color with art professionals. 

  • Group show and the first presentation of POC POC, The Constant Now's coaching programme that links young artists of color with art professionals. Presented at the festival 'Fire is Gold' and Gallery 'Fuggerstraat 26'

  • A multidisciplinary group show that balances between reality and imagination

  • The coaching program that links ten upcoming artists of color with leading art professionals in Belgium. 

  • Group show with Amber Dewaele, Benjamin Mengistu Navet,

    Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust and Pris Roos

  • Group show with Issa Mushidi, Samuel Lemba, Celina Vleugels,

    Carolina Maciel de França, Lisa Ijeoma

Today’s society is colorful and diverse, and THE CONSTANT NOW’s goal is to reflect exactly that while celebrating local artists and organisations. The non-profit art space in Antwerp curated by Magali Elali offers a varied programme of exhibitions, projects and events.



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