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Art. Community. Diversity.


To close the gap between the predominantly white art industry in Belgium and young artists of color, THE CONSTANT NOW has launched a mentoring program called POC POC. Over one year, a collective of ten young artists is offered the opportunity to broaden their network and professional skills, as well as gain valuable insights on how to navigate the Belgian art scene. 


The educational program consists of artist talks, location visits, feedback rounds, activities, projects, and public presentations in collaboration with art institutions under the guidance of art professionals. The goal of POC POC is to make the talents of its artists more visible and to create a steady gateway for them and other POC to the regular art circuit.



The mentors of POC POC 2 include Sofia Dati (beursschouburg), Marie Gomis Tresize (Galerie Gomis), Helena Kritis (WIELS), Karen van Godtsenhoven (freelance curator), and 

Magali Elali (The Constant Now). 



Mentees are Sadrie Alves, Gladys Bukolo, Lou Cocody-Valentino, Maria E André, Awa Gaye, Gaëlle Mwamba, Subin Son, Noam Youngrak Son, and Rose-Myrtha Vercammen Furtuna.  


POC POC 1 won the Fair New Idea?! award by Kunstenpunt. It was supported by Flanders, the city of Antwerp, and the district of Antwerp. 

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