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Art. Community. Diversity.


POC POC by The Constant Now is a mentoring program dedicated to artists of color, fostering diversity and inclusivity in the art circuit. Experienced art professionals serve as mentors, providing guidance and support. Through workshops, visits, and presentations, artists expand networks and collaborate with institutions. POC POC showcases artists' work, shares perspectives, and engages the public, fostering inclusivity. An open call invites applications each year, ensuring a fresh and diverse experience. POC POC 1 collaborated and held presentations at Extra City, fuggerstraat26, Fire is Gold Music festival and S.M.A.K.


Artists: Sadrie Alves, Maria E André, Gladys Bukolo, Lou Cocody-Valentino, Marie Diaby, Awa Gaye, Gaëlle Mwamba, Subin Son, Rose-Myrtha Vercammen, Noam Youngrak Son. 

Coordinator and curator: Magali Elali (The Constant Now) 

Mentors: Sofia Dati (Beursschouwburg), Marie Gomis-Trezise (NATAAL Media, Galerie Number 8), Helena Kritis (WIELS), Karen Van Godtsenhoven (UGhent). 


POC POC 1 was awarded ‘A Fair New Idea?’ money prize by Kunstenpunt. The project is supported by Vlaanderen and Stad Antwerpen. 

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